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Portuguese Ponta do Pargo-Calheta writes new history

10/01/2010 - ADC Ponta do Pargo-Calheta Madeira is the first team from Portugal that reached the quarterfinal of the Women's ETTU Cup.

At the end of the January they will play opening match for the semi final place against last year's runner up Polish Tarnobrzeg.

"Being a young club as we are, 10 years old, to be precise, we tend to believe there is always a chance to win every match we play, and this match is no exception to that hope of ours. Our players are very competent and are both well prepared and confident for their upcoming task. This has actually been the moment where we've come furthest in ETTU Cup," explained President of ADC Ponta do Pargo-Calheta Madeira Gilberto GARRIDO.

The team progressed to the knock out stages from the qualifications. In the second Round girls managed to won the first place in the group played in Russia's Vladimir. They finished on top of host Luch Vladimir and booked the place in the Round of 16. In the same qualification group played Astor Ladies from England and Buducnost Podgorica from Montenegro.

In the next stage Ponta do Pargo-Calheta Madeira beat Centre Natacio Mataro Quadis 3:1 to secure the first ever quarter final.

"We played well in Spain. We had already eliminated Mataro last year. FU Yu victories and Karen's victory against Joanna PARKER were important, but we were also confident," said President Gilberto GARRIDO

Susana FERNANDES, FU Yu, Joana GONCALVES, Anna Carina JONSSON, Karen ODENCAMP and Carolina SILVA currently occupy top spot at the Madeira's First Division in front of CTM Mirandela and Ala NunAlvares de Gondomar.

The President of ADC Ponta do Pargo-Calheta Madeira Gilberto GARRIDO pointed that the quarterfinal adversaries will be very hard to beat. With naturalized Polish player LI Qian ranked 26 at the World and ZHOU Xiao placed on spot 111 and very dangerous Kinga STEFANSKA it will be hard to overcome.

"It's the second time we play against Tarnobrzeg. We have good memories from that match in 2004 and January 2005. We won in Poland 3-2 but unfortunately, we lost in our home court 3-1, but both the matches and the fraternizing were excellent at the time. Tarnobrzeg is a very powerful team, runner up on last season's competition and their players all occupy important positions on the rankings, especially LI Qian."

Beside the challenge in Madeira's League and in ETTU Cup, ADC Ponta do Pargo-Calheta Madeira are successful at the Portugal's league.

"At the moment we are ranked 2nd in the Portuguese Championship, but we'll work hard, as usual, to regain our place as champions. For us, Table Tennis, both male and female competitions, are also a very important way for us to make Calheta and Madeira known to Europe. For instance, where it not for this sport would you even know a lovely place such as Calheta, Ponta do Pargo existed amidst the ocean in Madeira island? We hope to be able to continue this work and divulge, through our club, both Madeira Island and Portugal throughout all Europe."

President Gilberto GARRIDO continued with the same passion:" Do come, and witness Madeira's beauty for yourself, filled with flowers, sun and nice people. We await you here, and consider us at your disposal for anything you need our assistance with."

(by Milica NIKOLIC, EWT)

Madeira's team line-up

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